Apple Thinks Putting on a VR Headset Could Help Fight Nausea in the Car

The day is not far away when people will be saved from the hassle of driving a car as self-driving vehicles would be the new go-to. If you are also eagerly waiting for that day and you think it would be amazing to ride in a self-driving vehicle then you should consider what will you do when you are not driving? Look out the window? That sounds too boring, right? Well, Apple has designed a solution to help you.

The Patent

Apple has filed a patent a few months back that explores the idea of inter-sectioning self-driving cars and virtual reality. It aims to help those people who feel sick while sitting at the back of the car as the world moves past them. Apple intends to create a VR device that will help the passengers of a self-driving car hooked so that they don’t feel nauseous anymore.

The How of It?

If you are wondering how this VR, a technology that has been blamed for making people nauseous on its own will help a person avoid feeling sick in a self-driving car that’s in motion, then Apple has the answer to that as well.

According to experts at Apple, they intend to create a device that will avoid a sensory conflict that occurs when a person is not moving while the vehicle is moving. Virtual reality will help a person to feel like he or she is moving and hence would combat the feeling of nausea.

Ways in Which VR Can Be Used

Apple hopes to create a system that shows people a simulated version of what’s outside a car to prevent motion sickness. It might also develop a system that may compel the users to believe that the vehicle is bigger than it is. Another type of VR device Apple might consider developing is one that can be tied into the car’s system. For instance, the ventilation system of a car might simulate wind which is present in a virtual environment only. Apple even imagines creating a VR system that allows passengers to imagine that they are crawling through a city that’s being attacked by zombies to make the ride seem more exciting.

As people spend hours in commuting via cars, such VR technologies, if developed by Apple would likely to be a hit with people who just hate sitting in a car or feel nauseous while seeing the world pass them by.

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